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  • Judy A. Benson, MD, Awarded

    SCMS Physician Citizen of the Year for 2017

    Spokane, WA, December 15, 2017---The Spokane County Medical Society (SCMS) proudly announced Judy A. Benson, MD, as the recipient of the Physician Citizen of the Year award for 2017. Dr. Benson has taken on a number of lead positions wherein she has been the face of our medical community from the perspective of the Internal Medicine Residency, the Spokane County Medical Society, Providence Healthcare Director of Medical Education, and Deaconess President of the Medical staff.  During her 30 years in this community, first as a private practitioner, and for the last couple of decades in education at the GME level, she has impacted hundreds of learners at the Graduate level of medical education and she has impacted thousands of patients.

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President's Message

Brenda Sue Houmard

By Brenda Sue Houmard, MD, PhD | SCMS President

Watching the Winter Olympics in Peung Chang, it was clear how vital all of the community is to the success of our superstars. It made me think of the four pillars of effort for our Society:

  1. Clinical issue of immense importance to our community
  2. Support of medical education
  3. Advocacy for physicians, physician assistants and the patients in our community
  4. Impartial venue for physician/physician assistant collegiality

I am honored that so many of you were able to join us on February 7 for our Kickoff Reception to highlight our clinical focus: the Opioid Crisis. I am confident that our collective efforts to address this epidemic will make our community healthier, happier and safer. We are currently finalizing the membership of our task forces:


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