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Benefits of Membership

The SCMS is here to support you in your vitally important role in the family of medicine. Our mission is to fairly and objectively serve as a guardian of community health and wellness while leading and promoting the professional practice of medicine in our region. SCMS uses its resources and expertise, through collaboration and strategic partnerships, to facilitate the best community health possible for citizens of our region.

We serve our members, our community and our mission through: 

•  Advocacy at the Regional, State and Federal Level

•  Community Engagement & Liaison
•  Providing Member Specific Resources & Programs
•  Fostering Collegiality
•  Supporting & Encouraging the Next Generation of Medicine

The need for an active county medical society has never been greater as we strive to carry a united voice on related healthcare issues in this region.

Spokane County Medical Society
Phone: 509.325.5010 | Fax: 509.325.5409
318 East Rowan Avenue, Suite 209 | Spokane, WA 99207